Phil's Foreword

Can a nation be born in a day?’ 
was a question posed as part of a prophetic declaration by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, during the 8th Century BC. Some 2750 years later, on 14th May 1948, his prophecy came true, when the present-day nation State of Israel was born.    

As you read The Miracle that is Israel, I want you to ponder two questions: Does God have his hand on Israel? And, does he have an interest in the welfare of Israel and the Jewish people? My contention is that the evidence proves categorically that the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’ on both counts. But it’s not about me and what I think... 

The primary objective of this book is to present the evidence, proving beyond any reasonable doubt, that Israel is a miracle that flies in the face of ‘impossible’, underlining as it does so, the truth of Luke 1:37, that nothing is impossible with God.

It was impossible that the Jewish people could remain a ‘nation’ prior to 1948. It was  impossible that the State of Israel could be born in a day. And furthermore, thriving the way it has since 1948, equates to nothing less than Israel doing the impossible!! It is unarguable that the story of Israel is unique and unparalleled in all of human history. It’s also a story that can only be properly explained within the context of God - the God of the impossible!!

After three sold-out editions in the smaller, square format, the massively encouraging feedback points to The Miracle that is Israel being more than just a good read. My hope has always been that as the story of Israel proves the God of the impossible at a national, international and global level, that it would permeate all the way down to the likes of you and I, at an individual and personal level. It’s a truism of life that what we see is determined by what we are looking out from and I'm believing that our new A4 landscape format will have even greater impact, and help readers see and believe that whatever the problem, circumstance, situation or obstacle that’s stood in front of them, it is always just a part of the “nothing” of Luke 1:37. Just another giant waiting to fall! 

I hope you’ll enjoy!!

Phil Davies
March  2019